Providing Meals to School Children

Many of the children lucky enough to go to school need to be provided with a meal at school. Through the government porridge is served as the one meal per day at the school. Narozari Rural School is in the early stages of developing a garden at the school to supplement not only the children's porridge meal but supplement the diet for teachers and boarding students.


Childrens meals program


Girls at Narozari Rural School enjoying their breakfast in the sun.

  • The cost for a child to have the one meal per day at the school is US$7.00 per term, of which there are 3 per academic terms per year. (US$21.00 to provide a meal daily for a child for one year at school). At present at Narozari there are 380 children receiving this meal. Funding is needed for this program to continue.

Narozari Rural School children lining up for porridge
US$21 per child for one meal a day for a school year

67 Little girls are having breakfast every school day for an academic year thanks to volunteers and fundraisers at BHP Billiton Worseley, in Western Australia


Pete Franzen and Sam Pucar
Selling Breakfast Sandwiches to Fundraise.

Thank you for getting up in the VERY EARLY AM to help these children. Helen Allen Chair




The Allen Foundation


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