Women in Africa

The issues of trafficking from Africa to Europe and other parts of the world, for sexual exploitation are issues which are only recently being addressed by governments worldwide. Grassroots organizations have long known the devastating effects of the subjugation of women. Women who have either been sold into "slavery" or have been duped and coerced thinking they were heading for a better life.

The following are organizations who are dealing with the effects of this trend and we are providing the information as public awareness.


trafficking of women

The military use of rape to shape and change the ethnic balance in conflict zones as well as to divide communities and demoralize and humiliate women and families is of massive proportions. Imagine 4,500 women raped in the Democratic Republic of Congo in just six months, and other more startling numbers in other parts of the world. Numbers which are hard to conceive of. What can be done?

The video link below is a must watch for anyone interested and caring about women's issues in conflict zones.

UN Action Against Sexual Violence in Conflict

conflict zones and women