A recent story:  For the past year The Foundation has been delivering, twice yearly, a donation to a free dental clinic in Bali Indonesia. This little clinic provides dental work to the very poor. The Lady is a licensed dentist who works for the government health system in the mornings, then runs a free dental clinic at her home, in her living room, in the afternoons.  She desperately needed equipment and continues to try and make the dental visit comfortable.  With money, which is delivered by one of the Foundation Board members she shops with the dentist for needed items.  Two of The Allen Foundation Board Members are located in Australia, which makes the trip easy.  So far, the money has provided a small airconditioning unit, some dental tools and a drill with a light.  At the time of the last Board member visit the husband of the dentist was in a horrific scooter accident and was burned.  Some of the cash donation was used to help defray the costs of treatment. If any of you have a friendly dentist who perhaps has outdated dental tools we can ship to this little clinic it would be greatly appreciated.  The photo below is of the dentist who is providing this much needed free clinic services, unfunded by anyone but her heart - and now outs. Thank you.
Just a note:   Pauline graduated from primary school with distinction and is now off to secondary school. Congratulations Pauline we know you will do well.

Pauline’s story from Uganda:
Four years ago a little girl in Uganda needed find some help for both she and her little brother. Like many children in Africa, he parents were both ill, and the possibility for both the children to attend school was dim. Through The Allen Foundation and its contact with Jude Muleke, their local contact, and their assistance with the Narozari Rural School in the Masaka region of Uganda, Pauline and her small brother began their personally sponsored school years. This is her story.

Narozari Rural School:
In 2009 The Allen Foundation Board of Directors voted to assist an isolated rural school in Uganda which a school population of over 600 students. Sports equipment amounted to one soccer ball, and student/teacher aids and supplies were extremely limited. As news spread through the Foundation, donated items flooded in and the task of sorting, boxing and shipping commenced. Items such as used soccer shoes of all sizes, soccer balls, basketballs, whistles, used baseball mitts, bats and balls piled up. The Foundation purchased boxes of exercise books; art supplies were donated; an athletic company in Billings, Montana donated 25 reversible soccer jerseys; reading books from Scholastic were donated and pencil cases were bought. Since that time 557 lbs of supplies has been shipped to the rural school. Seeing the photos of students, teachers and parents upon the arrival of the boxes makes everything worthwhile. From the local contact, Jude Muleke with CBIRD we hear that these donations brought a positive change to the school. At the same time, The Allen Foundation was apprised of a situation for the girls; the pit latrine wasn’t safe with crumbling edges. Money was raised and new facilities were constructed improving health and safety standards for the girls. The school will, in November, be holding a fundraising “speech day” with hopes of gathering US$800 for a new solar system to enable children boarding at the school (as they live too far away for a daily trip) to have electricity in their section. The Allen Foundation will continue to gather supplies and ship directly to the school.

vicki and polly   helen packing bag   P&J packing school supplies for Africa
polly in uniform   Polly's letter page 1   Polly's letter page 2
shipping day at the Wapiti PO