Sewing for Self-Sufficiency


Sewing machine project 003

This project started with a concept of a Director as a means to provide sewing machines to women in East Africa. Women were asked what it is that the Foundation could do to help them help themselves without having to just accept a handout. Their immediate response was “we could do with a sewing machine, that way we could provide income to our households”. The plan is to provide sewing machines through a microloan program. Currently women are taking sewing lessons through the local non-profit in Masaka, as the women need training in sewing.

This project had a false start, and with knowledge gained, and then a new local contact, it has gained momentum. Future plans are for the women to be able to use knitting machines to make the necessary uniform vests for school children, provide repairs for school uniforms and make other items they can sell for additional income. Our needs for this program are projected at 20 students, most have very limited income to provide sewing necessities, therefore the need to provide the trainer with the items to loan the students.

The project currently has four treadle machines; two donated by the Foundation, one by a Seattle donor, one purchased with personal funds by the project manager and wife, in Uganda and two machines by bhpbilliton, Worsley Alumina, Australia.

Costs for knitting and sewing machines, fluctuate with the U.S. dollar. The Board of Directors approves an item then the funds are sent Western Union to the local Project Manager for him to purchase the machines at the best price locally available.

A knitting machine so women can train to manufacture school vests, and an overlock have now been purchased. See who the donor is on the bottom of this page.

We have now purchased an overlock machine, as well as treadle machines.
This helps in training how to finish items professionally.

The following prices are as of November 2013 The following items are purchased in Uganda on the local economy which saves shipping

Treadle Sewing Machine $135.81 
Knitting Machine to manufacture school vests and pullovers $155.22
Overlock machine for edge seaming $194.02  (as pictured above)
Stools for students - price is each - we need 20 stools - $16.23
Pairs of scissors - price per item - $3.89


Wooden Cutting/Tailoring tables - price per item  US$38.00
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 bhpBilliton Worseley Alumina  YOU ROCK !!! THANKS for our knitting machine!