A small free dental clinic in Bali Indonesia
A need for assistance to provide free dental care to the impoverished was noted when two Board members went on holiday to Bali Indonesia in 2015.  Through the Board of Directors we established a fund of US$500 per year, be provided to the lady (who is a dentist) as she provides desperate dental care, in her living room, to those who cannot afford the dental services provided.  The funds are hand delivered to her and she has now converted a room in her home for her dental services at no charge.  Over time a dental chair, an air conditioning unit, and other needed medical tools have been purchased to provide this service for which she receives no payment and it is free to patients. While only a small amount through diligent shopping she has been able to provide more comfortable services.  This is an ongoing successful grant to a gracious lady.  
During 2017 The Board of Directors of The Allen Foundation set out to raise money to upgrade a medical clinic south of Masaka Uganda. The services were almost nil, and the facilities were broken down. People needing medical care had to work long distances and when arriving at the Bukeeri Medical Clinic often could not get the care needed so had to continue a further 17km to Masaka for care and often not being able to do so. With generous donations, matching our funds earmarked for the project, plus a grant match from the Christ Episcopal Church in Cody Wyoming, our administrator, Jude Muleke of the non profit CBIRD was able to purchase beds, mattresses, boxes of clinical gloves, install a couple of solar panels, provide 2 motor cycles for nurses to provide village outreach to patients as well as provide locally made sheets, and pillow cases, by sewers at the Foundation project in Masaka, Cherehani Sewers.  All these items and upgrades have made life much easier for the local people, who were sorely handicapped when it came to medical care.
Thank you so much for all those who helped our little foundation help those in need, so far away. Helen Allen, Chair
 School Teacher's House at Narozari School
The school teacher's house at Narozari School has been in a state of unfinished construction for a while.
The original structure was funded by a UK non profit but not enough funds were available to complete the structure to one of comfort for teachers. It is with great pleasure that through a generous private donation from Oregon, USA and one from Australia,the structure was finally completed this fall. Below is the photo of this brand spanking new building. What a comfort for the teachers to have a nice place to stay during the academic year.  Thank you so very much for the donors who believe in what The Allen Foundation aspires to for the people and students at Narozari and surrounding communities.
Helen Allen   PhD   - Co Founder and Chair
The Allen Foundation continues to provide breakfasts for needy children
 The Foundation is extremely fortunate to have tow international Directors. Janet Franzen and Dee McBride who work for a corporation which wears its heart on its sleeve.  These two committed Directors, friends and co-workers volunteer hours to fundraising money for The Foundation and then their generous employer matches funds raised.
Recently enough money was raised by these volunteers in Australia and matched by their employer BHP Billiton Worseley Alumina.  The money raised was enough to provide a porridge meal each day for a full academic year for 67 need girls in a rural school in Uganda.  This was done by selling a breakfast sandwich for AU$7.  Each sandwich feeds a needy girl at this school daily per semester. Imagine!!
It humbles one to understand those economics.
This is an ongoing project and in 2016 have received additional private donors which will raise the number of really needy children at Narozari Rural School, to be provided a hot meal each day of the academic school year.  Just US$21 per child for a year. How much does a latte cost?  Smiley little faces make this so worthwhile for so little money.
Thank you all at BHP Worseley Alumina and the private donors,  from the bottom of our hearts.
Helen Allen Chair

Since 2012 The Allen Foundation have been funding a sewing project in Masaka. The goal was and is still to provide sewing lessons to women who wish to develop some skills and find alternative income for their families and stay at home.  The project started in a spare bedroom at the home of our project administrator Jude Muleke, of CBIRD, and has now extended to encompass a rental space next door. The Foundation provides the rental for the additional space.  Sewing machines, knitting machines and groups of women have come and been taught basic sewing skills by a paid trainer.  They start by sewing paper clothes, and learning how to make patterns and many have gained enough skills to sew childrens clothing; sports uniforms for school; clothes for themselves, and more recently to sew sheets and pillow cases on a piece work process, for the Bukeeri Medical Clinic, paid for by the Foundation.  Mr. Muleke is now speaking with the Health Department minister to see if they can contract to make scrubs for the hospitals - that is an ongoing conversation.  This has been a successful project, and future plans to be able to provide small micro loans for women or a group of women to purchase there own machines.
Our Thanks to Jude and Sylvia for all their help with this project.
Latrine project Uganda Narozari School. A rural school in the Masaka region of Uganda was in dire need of new latrines for the girls in the school. The facility barely operated with the edges crumbling resulting in both health and physical hazards fro the girls. Our Foundation raised the money from generous donors and was able to have a brand new block of latrines built for the Narozari Rural School. What a blessing for those girls!
We are now looking for $1730 to build a new block of latrines for he boys at the Narozari School.  Any donation helps as we accumulate the funds for this project.
Salt ladies machine in Tanzania. The original concept for the Cherehani Project came about after interviews with a group of women in Singida, Tanzania. This group of women made their income from collecting salt from the local lake, cleaning it then selling the salt in the market. A backbreaking task with not a lot of economic value. The women wanted a sewing machine. This was provided. However the project broke down with a lack of on the ground supervision, but at least we saw that one machine was delivered to them by taxi. We hope it has helped.
Children in Malawi. The Foundation funded a couple of things in Malawi - funds for a knitting machine for a local woman, and a year of education for two young children.)
Baby caps to Ethiopia via Global Health ministries. The Allen Foundation through a couple of really wonder knitters has sent approximately 300 newborn baby caps to another non-profit which sends “newborn kits” to hospitals in Ethiopia. For the pattern. For the pattern just click here. You can often find the smaller yarns in thrift shops for a little bit of nothing, and combining colors makes them that much cuter. Contact us at for directions on how and where to deliver or arrange pick up. Thank you.
Sports supplies; Eight shipments of donated sports jersey’s to Narozari School. A Billings sports store, donated 50 soccer jerseys for us to send to Narozari Rural School in the Masaka region of Uganda. These were “misprinted” jerseys - after lots of looking none of us could see where the error was. Now there is a group of school children racing around a soccer field with “Billings” on their shirts. Some shirts were too big, so the girls used them as sports dresses, and the boys tucked them in. The shirts are reversible so two teams for the kids. Along with the jerseys, the Foundation shipped soccer balls, soccer shoes, whistles, air pumps and needles, baseball mitts, baseballs bats, and basketballs so that this school of 618 children had more than one soccer ball for their sports supplies.
School Supplies; The Foundation put out a notice that school supplies were needed for the children in this school, and where overwhelmed with donations of exercise books, pencils, pens, water colors, art supplies, pencil cases and all manner of items for a school room, along with a corporate donors (Wells Fargo Bank, Walmart and Albertsons Grocery) providing school bags. Teaching aids were donated, along with Leap Pads. To date 557 lbs of school, art and sports supplies have been shipped via US Post Office directly to the school in rural Uganda.