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All funds received by The Allen Foundation are 100% used in the accomplishment of our mission statement.
All Board Members and staff are volunteers. Apart from any expenses such as shipping items and bank charges for fund transfers all donations are used for programs or projects; either in a general fund or specific project funds.
We use local on-site experts as well as our personal knowledge of the area and the most important needs and ways that the funds can be best utilized.
We do not receive any government funds, we are strictly donation funded and your generosity is greatly appreciated by us all.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to email or call us.



While education through primary school is free in East Africa, there are mandatory items that families must provide; such as uniforms, school items, payment of fees to take exams, to name a few. This is mostly beyond the normal family’s ability especially if there are several children; therefore, many drop out, leaving them with marginal education. It is the Foundation’s wish to fund as many children possible through primary school, at the least, and then through secondary school.

In Uganda the price for a year at school, including supplies and uniforms is $160.00 and a little bit more for upper grades and dependent on whether the child has to board at the school. Your donation of less than 50 cents per day can do this. Imagine a semester’s worth of education for the cost of 4 lattes - that makes it real to us doesn’t it?

We know times are hard for us all but ask that you can find it in your heart to make a donation to provide a needy child with a chance for the future. These children are committed to education - they know it is the way out of poverty!

 Girls at Narozari Rural School, Uganda
"educate a girl and you educate a village"


On top of school supplies, parents are required to pay “donations” to the school for such things as the building, exam fees, desks and other costs. All these add-ons add up when you make US$1 a day and have to decide on priorities. Many girls don’t get to go to school and many drop out where the family cannot afford fees and decisions about what child goes to school has to be made.

Through our sewing project we are providing sewing training and a machine to the Narozari Rural School in an effort to not only teach a skill but to provide affordable school uniforms for students. 
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 Free Dental Clinic

Bali, Indonesia
A lady dentist in Bali provides free dental care to the poor from her living room.  We have been assisting through direct donations to provide the means for her to purchase dental equipment to help the very poor. The cash donations have been taken to Bali by two Directors of the Board twice a year, at which time purchases are made for equipment needed.
If your own friendly dentist has outdate dental tools which can be sent to this little clinic please call or email us   IT IS DESPERATELY NEEDED.
Before and after photos of a house for the teachers at
Narozari Rural School, Uganda  
Thank you Gus & Becky!!
Before and after photos

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