Our group is busy sewing, sewing sewing, in order to provide FREE feminine hygiene kits to the girls at Narozari Rural School Uganda.  It is a huge project for the wonderful ladies who have just joined to help with cutting and straight stitching while the serger is making her machine hum!  The Allen Foundation has long thought of the issue for these young girls, and the impact it has on their ability to (a) enjoy life (b) attend school consistently and (c) know that people in a far away place genuinely care about them. Every stitch we make and every cut we do is with love for them. We developed a special logo showing the joy any girl will feel with the gift kit; something those of us who live in different circumstances take for granted.
Thank you donors for the scrap fabrics, and volunteering time to make these items.     Helen Allen - Chair
August 2018, We are busy sewing
I am most greatful to a member of our Board of Directors MaryAnn DeHaven plus another sewer, Celia as I could not accomplish this huge sewing project without their help.
We need 210 kits. that means 1680 liners 420 shields; 220 drawstring bags;840 little pockets.  Into the kits also are 3 pair of girls undies; a face washer; 2 little hotel soaps; and 2  1 gallon zip lock bags for washing and storing.  We initially purchase another non-profit's pattern but found the pattern and instructions cumbersome to sew and the instructions seemed like a hodgepodge of instructions a sewer could follow with ease.
We implemented a number of changes making them easier to produce and in fact we feel a better product for these girls, for longevity for the product. 
We DO NOT SELL these kits they are donated to the girls with mostly donated fabric and donated labor.
We are going to look into the ability of the school girls learning to make them in sewing class.
Helen Allen, Chair
 This is how the kits will look  when ready for packing.
Contents of kit: 1 drawstring bag; 8 liners; 2 carriers; 3 pair undies; 2 small soaps; 1 wash rag; 2 instruction cards and 2 one gallon zip lock bags for storage and washing.