About Us

helen and a new edition

The Allen Foundation a 501c3 non-profit was formed in 2001 to assist women and children in need in lesser developing areas. It is staffed and directed by a committed group of volunteers along with local assistance and management at the grass roots level. All projects have Board Member oversight to ensure that donations are appropriately used.

The Founders have worked in development for over a decade, including time with the United Nations Development Program in Central Asia and work and personal time in East Africa. “women and their families in villages throughout the developing world need only a small amount of help to make a huge difference. We provide that assistance in the form of technical assistance and small financial support agreements”.

The Allen Foundation applies its resources to projects, programs, fundraising and disbursements for the furtherance of improving the lives of underserved women and their families. Our committed mission is to focus resources towards those in need, while understanding that improving the well-being of the family betters their future and that of the community as a whole.

We ship donated items to the African recipient, via United States Postal Service, as it has historically been the least expensive way to do so. When the occasion arises, some items are purchased on the local African market i.e. the sewing machines, building supplies and such. Shipping costs are our most expensive item, and apart from wire fees, and the required US government fees, all donations reach those who desperately need it to make changes in lives